Friday, May 14, 2010

All Smiles

Our little William is now 7 months old and it growing up so fast. He is such a joy in our family! Not only does he wake up smiling at us, but he LOVES his brother & sister. He is sitting so well by himself, and is getting close to crawling. We find him under furniture all the time as he can scoot backwards. He wants to be big like his siblings, wanting to walk and eat what WE are eating, not this sissy baby food! :)
Today, he got his 3rd tooth! We sure enjoy having this sweet boy in our lives!


  1. Your neighbor is a good guy. When I lived two doors down when Leota was still there he and Bonnie were always so kind. He was always willing to help me out. Tell him hi for me.

  2. I will! Ed and Bonnie are the best neighbors!!