Monday, July 12, 2010

Tile Projects

We finally did our tile projects that we have wanted to do years ago. In fact we've had the tile, backer-boards and all the tools needed sitting in our storage room for almost 5 years now! (I'm glad for the extra space now!) Bob took a week vacation to do this project and he worked SO hard on this and ran into so many problems along the way, but my husband has turned into quite the handy-man! He repaired the ice-maker in the freezer, rewired our new Oven, put in an outlet for the microwave and do the electrical and water lines new for the dishwasher. He's so talented! All the hard work has been so worth it and quite the relationship building experience too! We thought it would take us 3 days to do this... ha... it took us 7!!!! Huge thanks to my parents for taking the kids a couple days really saved us and wonderful tools from friends that made the work a little easier!
Here's our before and after shots!


  1. Wow that looks so good! So you guys wanna come to our place sometime.....hahaha...j/k

  2. We totally need to come to your place!!! We just went and visited Grandma and she couldn't remember how to get to your place! From your pictures your place looks really cute! We'll be visiting again in August we'll have to plan to stop by!

  3. Yeah you totally can. Our yard sucks but oh well. One day we'll fix it up when we can get more money. We're just on the north end of town kinda by Macey's. I don't remember if you guys came out when Aaron and Malia blessed Olivia and they had the luncheon at Malia's parents. We live over by here parents though so yeah. But if you wanna come by just let us know when you'll be out. We can even meet you at your Grandma's and visit then head over to our house on your way outta town.