Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Very Merry Christmas

This was a very fun Christmas! It was especially fun since Damon could hardly fall asleep with excitement. Damon is so funny, he always insists that we leave Carrots for Santa's reindeer (he's always thinking!)
It was so fun to have the kids light up with each gift. Damon was so excited to get his double light-saber he's been wanting for two years now (Mom was hoping he'd loose interest... not so). Kylie's big gift was a big girl Princess bike, which the weather was nice enough to ride it! So much for a white Christmas.
Our family favorite breakfast food is Crepes and here William is trying to help daddy!

Both sides of the family were very generous in the many gifts that we all received.
This was truly a very Merry Christmas! Thanks to everyone and hope everyone had a festive Holiday!

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  1. Hey you guys! What's up? I saw that you posted on Lena Lunt's Christmas card and when I clicked on your name, it took me to your blog. How are you guys doing? Look for us on facebook. I'll look for you too. How do you know Lena? She was my roommate when we were single. This is Angi Danielson, by the way.