Tuesday, July 12, 2011

St. George Trip

This past week we went down to St. George with Bob on his work trip. We sure enjoy it there and because of the clouds it wasn't as hot as we were expecting. On the way we had to reminisce about life in Cedar City! Good times!The kids spent EVERY day at the pool that was just outside our room. Damon even fell asleep in one of the rings after we'd been there for almost 5 hours! We did go through two bottles of Sunblock and still got sunburt!

You wouldn't think that in St. George the kids would want to hang out in the hot tub... but MINE did!!!Damon is getting so good at swimming, he was having a blast getting the diving rings and making new friends everyday.
Each day I was trying to teach William how to blow bubbles out his nose, or to plug his nose so he could put his face in the water, but he wouldn't have anything to do with it. THEN Bob, without know I had been trying this, shows me what he's taught William!!! Daddy's always have the magic touch!
Besides Swimming the kids could be found doing this... We don't have the Disney channel at home, and probably for good reason! :)

We also went to two different Splash Parks which the kids loved! But we probably had the most fun hanging out with our friends the Winslows! Each kid had a friend to play with and they are all so similar in their interests and personalities it was fun! This was the night before we left we had a movie night and while the kids were in the master bedroom watching Tangled, Lightening struck our building just two rooms above us and the breaker went off in their room besides lighting the room up! The kids screamed and we were just amazed at the rain/Lightening storm we were having.

Thanks to the lightening hitting above us it was smoldering all night and at 8am we had a knock on our door to get out!! We got to see 6 fire trucks, the water come out of the hydrant into the truck and up to the room just two above us and wonder if all our stuff was going to get wet too.

Notice the kids "saved" their bears and Kylie her swimming suit! :)
Not that often you can say you see a fire and get to see the firemen in action! We had a wonderful time in St. George! Oh... and none of our stuff got wet!

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