Saturday, September 10, 2011

Camping Trip

Damon has been asking us to go camping all summer and we just never planned a trip. So this Labor Day we decided we should go. The last time we went camping was with the Spence's and Damon was a baby. So we figured we should take the family and go one night and see if we could remember how! Funny how something fun can turn into frustration when things don't work out the way you expect. We couldn't find the top tarp of the tent and knew there was a good chance of rain... After Bob ran to the store to get a new tent, and came back with another camp chair, larger cooler, and paper plates we forgot, we found the top tarp underneath the set up tent!!!
William didn't understand that the fire is "hot" even though he can say it and knows what hot is, it was a struggle to keep him from getting too close. We really did have fun and the kids had a great time running around in the trees, playing in the Pineview Resevor, making smores and cooking Hot dogs, but of course we ended the night with some campfire cooked popcorn and 'Despicable Me' on the ipad! Spoiled kids! This technology family can only rough it so much!

Oh, and it didn't rain until we were ready to go, and the tent was still up! We were soaked and the wet tent got shoved in the car and set up in the back yard to dry. Wouldn't you know the kids wanted to sleep in it the next night in the back yard. Yep, and Mommy and Daddy forgot the sprinklers were going off that night!!!

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