Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Disneyland Trip

We had such a fun time on our first family trip to Disneyland!  We planned the trip with my parents and Autumn's family last year and finally got to go.  We got the 5 day passes and enjoyed every minute there.  Damon was most excited for the Jedi training where he got to fight Darth Vader (the real one, not just Daddy at his birthday party!).  He also really liked seeing Pluto, going on Space Mountain, Matterhorn and the Tower of Terror, which is still giving him nightmares!

Kylie was ecstatic to see the Princesses!!!  She would look at them in awe with her mouth wide open!  Thunder Mountain was her favorite ride, which kind of surprised us and she also liked Matterhorn.  
William's favorite ride was the "get bad guys" ride (Buzz Lightyear).  He also liked the "up and down" ride (Rockets) and the "horsey" ride (Carousel). 
The whole time we kept hearing from the kids, "Is that the REAL....,"  "Is this REAL."
Here's some of our fun photos

We stopped at Huntington Beach for an afternoon and had so much fun.  The kids and Bob did the boogie board and just enjoyed playing in the sand!

On our way home we stopped to visit Uncle Bob (Who Bob was named after) & Aunt Sharron, and Aunt Reta & Uncle Dave.  They all took such good care of us with wonderful meals and comfy place to sleep!  We have such a wonderful family! 

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  1. I always have loved Thunder Mtn too! We used to go every year when I lived there and I always looked forward to that ride. I haven't been for 7 years and it looks like they've updated a lot of stuff. Seeing your pics makes me want to go back so bad!