Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Alicia!

On July 9th Bob took me out for my birthday, which would be the next day, out to dinner and a movie.  We ate at my favorite right now, Zupas, then to see the movie 'What to Expect' since I thought that would be appropriate and funny!  After watching a movie where a bunch of ladies go through different types of labor, I turned to Bob and said, "I changed my mind, I don't want to go through that again!" The rest of the night I felt uncomfortable until 1am my water was leaking! (Baby is due July 22nd, but Bob was going to be gone on a work trip so induction date was scheduled for July 16th) 2:00am, drop off kids at Grandparents house, 2:30am check into the hospital, 3:00am the doctor is called to inform him I'm there; 6:00am Epidural; (I then sleep for 2 hours... awww) 8:00am nurse checks machine and I wake up. Nurse asks if I feel any pressure, I'm so tired I just say no, after she leaves I do feel pressure and call her back.  I'm at a 10 +2, the doctor walks in to say "Hi" before going to work and the nurse tells him I'm ready! 8:12 am our baby girl arrived with lots of dark hair, dimple on one cheek at 7 lbs. 1oz. 19" long which was my measurements when I was born along with being 2 weeks early and the SAME DAY!  Happy Birthday to me!! We named her Sonja Cadence Jackman (Sonja means: wise, and Cadence: Rhythm)

She is one loved baby as her siblings carry her around like she's a doll, and she pretty much is a doll! :)

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