Saturday, February 9, 2013


My dear cat I grew up with Spice "Beeser" passed away!  He was 19 years old and about 94 in cat years.  He wasn't doing very well and had a tumor on his neck.  Mom and dad decided it was time to put him to sleep since he had stopped eating and was not feeling well.  
My Beeser was the most chatty loving cat I've ever met.  When I was sad he knew it and would come in my room and comfort me.  When ever there was an important test or homework to be done he made sure to come and lay right down on my papers or books to get my attention.  He loved to sleep under the covers with me and I'd find him as a "lump" in my bed all the time.  Even after moving out my mom would call and talk to me and Beeser could be heard on the phone talking to my mom or just his LOUD purring!  
He was such a huge part of my life and I think that's why we have Klinks, because he looks like Beeser and needed to fill his place in my life! What an amazing friend you'll be missed!  

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