Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Work, Work and more Work!

We have been so blessed to have Bob working at a great company The Chariot Group for about the past 4 years, and he really enjoys his job!  Sometimes he gets to travel outside the state, but usually in state, but for the most part we get daddy home at nights.  With medical expenses and maybe just having more kids money has gotten tight, so Bob picked up an evening job at Best Buy.  He of course enjoys that as well working on computers and helping customers with electronics.  Bob works all day then about 3 nights a week at Best Buy, and on the weekends teaches private music lessons.  (this makes me tired thinking about it....)
He's one amazing guy to work so hard and try and take care of our family so well!  
Utah's 2014 Teacher of the Year Allison Riddle- Bob was able to award her technology and training from his work.

On his way to a training and a sheep dog didn't want Bob messing with his sheep! This just cracks me up! :)

At Best Buy: Geek Bob!

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