Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun Times!

Guess I've slacked a little on our posts, so here's a few photos of what's been going on here!

My project this week! Repair the washing machine. Thanks to a YouTube video I got this far, have ordered the part and hopefully will be working in a couple days. (YES, I, ALICIA, pulled open the washing machine!)

The kids got their faces painted at the Safety fair with their cute friend Cassandra. Can you guess what they got?

My cute kids decided they wanted to dress up to go to the safety fair! Damon wanted to be dressed up like his friend Cassandra's dad with Handcuffs! :)

My Husband decided to surprise me for Valentines day with an iphone! Isn't he so nice? :) So we are now selling our video ipod that comes with a charging dock alarm clock, and arm band (so contact us if you'd like to buy it from us!)

Braxton Celebrated his 5th Birthday at the Pirate Island where the kids LOVED it!! But apparently William was STARVING!

We visited Great Grandma, and wouldn't you know, I tried to get a good photo with all my kids and William wouldn't be happy! Love you Grandma!

Kylie Celebrated her 4th Birthday with a Dora party! She is growing up so fast it's hard to believe she's 4, but then again she acts like she's 13! It was a fun little party with her friends and we played lots of fun games, had treats and just enjoyed the party!


  1. I am not suprised that you pulled apart your washing machine by yourself. I love the picture of William with the pirate hat, he looks so much older than he really is.

  2. I am very impressed. I wouldn't have been able to pull something like that apart. Way to go!