Sunday, March 21, 2010

Look what we found...

Since the last post, Bob and I were able to fix the washing machine with a zip tie and a little gorilla glue. (We were pretty proud of our achievement until the dryer decided to humble us!) Sure makes us grateful for what we have, especially when it comes to making house work a little easier.

Last week we were invited with our friends to attend the Military Ball! What fun to dress up and feel like a princess with my prince! ;)

We celebrated with my baby brother and his wife for their birthday's! They were so cute dancing to the congas at Tucanos!

My sweet sister had her daughter Bailey and she is so beautiful! My kids have been waiting "so long" to hold her. Kylie didn't want to let her go and kept telling me that WE NEED a baby girl!

Then today as I was checking our camera I noticed someone had taken our camera during "nap time" (while Mom & Dad apparently were the only ones sleeping)

I don't think William's very happy with Kylie here:

We are so excited for Spring to finally be here and the sunshine lately has sure brightened everyone's faces (really Bob's face is pretty red).
Happy Spring everyone!

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  1. thanks for posting the ugliest picture of logan and me ever. haha.

    but also thanks for posting those pictures of kylie and william and giving us a good laugh.