Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This past week was also a sad time for me as I had to cut the Mohawk hair off the top of my sons head! This was probably his 5th haircut, and he was so good about it too!

We also went on a fun trip to St. George with Bob for "Work!" I keep telling him his job is pretend! ;) We went to the Temple again where you can see how sunny it was they're watering the grass there, when it was snowing at home!

This has been a Wonderful Easter Holiday! We Celebrated Easter with both sides of the family with lots of Egg hunts and Candy!! In fact, Damon doesn't do well with a lot of candy and woke up this morning throwing up (so... no Candy for him for a while).

Since William and Damon were both born in September it's fun to watch the clothes we put William in were what Damon wore too. So for Easter we put William in the same outfit Damon wore for Easter, and I realized how similar they look.


Happy Easter Everyone!

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