Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cedar City Trip

Our friends Jake & Steph decided we needed a trip to Cedar City to see Les Miserable at the Shakespearean Festival.  Cedar City was where we met and became friends, so it was fun to reminisce about good times there!  Jake's Cancer treatments... Ice cream runs... brownies & Movies (which we still do together)... the halls at SUU... Bob in the Greenshow... good times!
The production of Les Mis was wonderful and we got to see our good friend Hayley as well who was playing 1st Horn in the production.

Sonja came along too

Yum Lupita's!

Start of our hike

So happy!

Fun Hike



Bob loves his ice cream!

I think I want this!

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  1. Sonja looks JUST LIKE KYLIE in these pictures!! How fun to be able to do a little "repeat" of one of your babies!