Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Home!

I thought it would be fun to take pictures of our home now, so when we look back we can laugh at all the changes we've made (or not made!).
Living Room

Living Room-Dining room

Dining Room
Master Bed
Master Bath

Mud Room
Girls Room


Boys Room


Unfinished Bath/laundry

Unfinished Storage

Furnace Room

Unfinished Bedroom
Family Room


  1. Wow! Love the family room and the big dining room. And the playroom. And the kids' rooms. And the master.

    Ok, I guess I love the whole place! Hope you sre loving the new neighborhood, ward, and schools.

    Did you ever post a proper exterior pic? I don't think I know what the outside looks like.

    1. Hi Ramona! We love our place! The neighborhood is wonderful, lots of kids, the ward is great and school is also great! We of course miss our West Jordan friends, but this is a wonderful change for us!
      I did post an exterior picture just before the 4th of July, called "Moving", but I do need to put an updated photo since we've planted a few plants now.
      Sure do miss you! (Can't believe I have 2 more kids that you haven't met yet!) :)