Friday, December 18, 2009

St. George fun

We just got back from a fun little family vacation to St. George. Bob was working down there and we decided to come along for fun. The kids love hanging out at the pool whenever we go to St. George, and this time we decided to go through the Visitor Center at the St. George Temple. It was a wonderful experience for the kids and for Mom & Dad! :) Thanks Dad for a fun vacation!

Baby Surgery

William went in for his 2 month appointment and since he was throwing up more and more I was concerned. He had an Ultrasound done and found out he has Pyloric Stenosis which requires surgery. He was admitted right then to Primary Childrens Hospital and had surgery the next day. It's a "simple" procedure and there's really no risks involved. While they did the surgery they found a hernia and took care of that at the same time.
He was such a good baby, especially with having to fast 24 hours before and 8 hours after.
He is doing much better now and such a happy baby.
(He was smiling on his way to surgery!)

The Perks with going to Primary Childrens in December is we saw Mrs. Claus and some members of the Utah Jazz (Paul Millsap, Brook, & Scott Layden)!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Christmas Card

So, to save money and to be more creative than a card can provide, we are doing an e-card this year. Here is the cool card:

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Reflections Winner!

Our Damon is "going on" in Reflections for the video of Kylie dancing! We are so proud of our little boy wanting to share his talents. We posted his video on YouTube at:

Pool Time!

The Bradshaw's invited us to play at their city wave pool this past week and we had a blast. The pool is under a "bubble" and the camera got fogged up, it made for cool photos! :) This was Williams first swim and I think he liked it! :)

Babies first Haircut

William's hair was getting so long around the ears I decided to do it.... I cut about 1/2 inch around his ears. The hardest part was getting him to hold still so I didn't clip an ear!! Yikes! We did it though and he looks like a little man!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Baby Blessing

We blessed little William this past Sunday. It was great to have the families all here to celebrate this day with us, and especially to not have him cry during his blessing. Thanks to Grandma Deana for making his beautiful blessing outfit, and thanks to everyone that came and helped out with the brunch afterwards it turned out great!


Halloween is such a fun holiday. The kids LOVE getting candy!
Damon was Kung-fu Panda, and Kylie & William were Pumpkins.

Baby's 1 Month

Time can go by so fast sometimes! Our little boy is already 1 month old! He is such a sweet and easy going boy, that I can't get enough of sometimes. At his doctor appointment we found out he's 11 lbs which puts him at about 98% in weight and he's in the 75% in height! We have a big boy, but I LOVE it!! He's holding up his head so well already, sleeping well at night, and loves to be held by his siblings.

Monday, October 26, 2009

This is the Video Damon put together for Reflections. The Theme "Beautiful Is.."

The kids have been so cute with little Will, and so helpful with throwing away diapers, to Vacuuming!!! My kids are so cute!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby William is Here!

Our little William has finally arrived. He was born at 8 lbs 9 oz and 19" long. He was our biggest baby! Everything went great! Mom is feeling great, and Baby is doing really well too, infact after one week he now weighs 9 lbs. Here's a few of our photos of the handsome man!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Damon Can Read

Here is Damon's first book that he is able to read all by himself. He is really liking that he can read all by himself. He got these books at his birthday party from the Jackman's.

Kylie's First Day of Preschool

After so much waiting, Kylie has FINALLY began school herself. She's watched Damon go to Kindergarten for a whole 2 weeks now and it is now her turn to go to school. She is going to the same Preschool teacher Damon had last year and she's very excited to be with so many of her friends.

Damon's Talk

Damon gave his second talk in Primary a couple weeks ago, and he didn't want any help this time. He planned his own talk from a personal experience and even wrote out key words and drew pictures so he could give his talk himself.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Damon Lost a Tooth!

Damon went to the dentist and the dentist said the x-rays show that his new permanent teeth are coming and that his baby teeth would start coming out soon. Damon started to try to wiggle his tooth and after two days it started to wiggle a little bit. Today it finally came out. He is very excited that he is getting big and losing his teeth, as well as for what the tooth fairy might bring him!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crazy Cat!

I'm going to see if this works, but our cat is so funny! I caught him getting into Kylie's milk the other morning!

Lake Tahoe

We watched the little fish in a stream near the Lake.
On the Rainbow Trail next to the Lake. It was a beautiful small trail we hiked.
Paddle boating on the Lake.
Damon LOVED the water. He wore these water wings for the first 15 minutes, and after that he wanted to "swim."
Our Cool cousins were a lot of fun to play with at the beach!
Bob was always out in the water snorkling and finding treasures on the bottom of the Lake. He even went out after the sun went down. He was such a good sport!

We just had the best family vacation to Lake Tahoe. The kids couldn't get enough of water, whether in the condo pool or at the Lake. We went paddle boating, kiaking and just plain playing in the water at the Lake. Thanks to the Spences we had this fun vacation and the kids got to play with their cousins too!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The last month!

Okay, so it has been a while since our last post, so we are going to cover all the highlights!

First we went on a bike ride down by the river. There was a fun park that we got to play at. Here is a great picture of Kylie playing on the slide:

I think this is due to her "electric personality." There was also a pond that the kids like to sit and put their feet in. And a guy caught a fish in the pond as well. It was a fun trip.
We also went to the Zaugg's and played. That was a lot of fun. Damon and Kylie really had a good time with Cassandra. You can see them here sitting in their little chairs telling stories. It was a good BBQ with friends. Brooke and Brady Zaugg were there as well as David and Heidi Decker and Tamara and Ross. It was fun.

Bob also got a new job. He went to Alaska to interview. He had a good time, although didn't sleep much since the sun sets there at about 11:15 at night. He is sad to leave teaching, but is excited to start his new job being an educational consultant for a technology company (The Chariot Group) that sells the Smartboards. Here he is at the airport next to a Polar Bear.

Damon and Kylie also decided that they would stuff balls up their shirt and said they had babies in their tummy like Mommy. They were quite cute. Although Mommy doesn't have a tummy quite that big yet.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Yearbook Signing!

We went to visit daddy as be played softball at work since it was teachers vs. students.  While there the students kept asking the kids for their signatures in their yearbooks.  Damon got some good practice writing his name! We obviously spend way too much time at daddy's work since the kids all know us so well! :) 

Feed the Ducks!

We had a fun day at the ponds at Aunt Kate's place feeding the ducks.  They were swarming us while we ate our lunch and tried to eat our sandwiches right out of our hands!  We came especially to see the MANY baby ducklings that were there.  We have to go back and watch them as they grow!

Preschool Graduate!

Our little Preschooler has graduated!  Damon was the best dressed Preschool (sorry Damon, what was Mom thinking!), and was so cute performing their little songs and things that they had learned throughout the year. 
Way to go Damon!  Kindergarten only months away!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Old Man Bob!

We had a surprise Birthday for Bob Sunday and it was a blast!  We had so many dear friends and family come and laugh with us as we celebrate how old Bob is! :) Hehehe.... 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kylie getting her butt kicked!

Here is a video of Kylie trying to ride the dog.  Appearantly the dog didn't like that and decided to get revenge on Kylie.  It is quite funny!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Damon has always been a very active kid and loves fighting characters/superheros.  So it was no surprise when he was glued to a karate performance we saw the other day.  We signed him up for some Karate classes and he's been working hard at it.  He earned his uniform this week and is so excited that it's hard to get him out of it!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


We had a great Easter.  Alicia and I didn't want to get up, but Damon convinced us that we needed to.  He was so funny.  When he came into our room to wake us up, it was obvious that he had already been peeking around, since he already knew where the easter baskets were hidden.  They had a lot of fun finding the eggs.  They also had a lot of fun eating the candy.  It was a very nice day.

Trip to Elko, David's Baptism

We went to Elko, Nevada to visit my Uncle David.  He made the decision to be baptised, so we all made the trip out there to be there for it.  It was really good to see him make this desicion.  I am very happy for him.  I guess there were people in his ward that didn't realize that he wasn't a member because he had been going to church for so long.  He was baptized by his son Travis.  This was a great opportunity for him, being a priest.  They are already planning on going through the temple next year.  We will definately be there for that.  

The kids had a great time on the trip.  It was fun for all the cousins to be together.  They had a great time in the hotel together.  We are going to have to plan a family vacation where we can all spend time together like that.  It was a blast!  You can see in this video how much fun they had!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Karate Class

Damon has been bugging us for months to be able to do Karate.  I'm not sure if it really started before he saw Kung Fu Panda or not, but this kid is obsessed with it.  We went to the South Town Expo Center a while ago for a kids safety fair where Spiderman was appearing.  While waiting for Spiderman we saw some martial arts teacher was giving some demonstrations.  Damon and Kylie got to break boards.  We also got Damon a really inexpensive trial month.  We took Damon and Kylie to their first class just the other day.  Here is a video from that first class.  Kylie was cute but just tried to cling to her Damon.  She warmed up after a while.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Green Lawn

I have to brag a little!  Our lawn is doing awesome this year and we're hoping the sprinkler system works for us this year too!  I've already had to mow our lawn 3 times this year already.  It's been nice the past couple days to let the kids play in it, and not worry about them coming in muddy.  

Monday, April 6, 2009

Curly Kylie!

After trying so many days to straighten Kylie's hair so it will fit into pony tails, I finally gave up and let her go curly.  I didn't realize how much curl she had till I scrunched the other day.  Sure makes her hair shorter, but very fun to style!

Easter Egg Hunt

We had a fun time during Conference Break where we went to the Jackman's for their Easter Egg hunt.  We did it a little early since the whole family will be in Nevada for a baptism there.  The kids were excited to not only get candy, but Money in a couple of their eggs!!  Damon got a whole $7.00 and Kylie $1.00 in change!  The kids had a great time playing with their cousins and enjoying all the treats.  

Friday, April 3, 2009

Camera Broken

Our much loved camera decided to stop working.  It appears as if a small grain of sand got into it when we went to Florida.  That small grain of sand slowly worked its way into the gears that opens the lens.  Once in there, the lens no longer would function properly.  I did my best to see if I could get to it to clean it out, but it was buried too deep.  So in order for me to get to it the camera was taken apart beyond repair.  We hope to be able to get a new camera soon, but I think it might be a while before that happens.  

Monday, March 9, 2009

Damon is a big fan of Spiderman, so when we found out he was going to be at the South Town Expo Centre we had to go! Damon was so excited to see him, but on his way out to the car he told us "He wasn't the real Spiderman, he didn't have real webs, only silly string!"

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kylie is now 3!

Our little baby girl just turned 3 this past week. She insisted on a Princess party and we had a great time as she and her little friends dressed up and enjoyed her birthday party.