Friday, May 11, 2012

"Bonk Heads"

We have been trying to decide whether or not to put the boys together and get bunk beds.  We finally decided to, and the boys couldn't have been happier!! William loves his "Bunk heads!" :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Linda Buttars Run

We have been attending the Linda Buttars Run for the past few years and realized we've made this a tradition.  This year Bob ran the 5K again and as a family we ran/walked the 1 mile.  Our Friends the Bradshaws came and Stephanie ran the 10K (very impressive!).  After this fun day Damon said he wants to run the 5k next year!

William was such a cutie running!  He knew to sprint at the beginning and end of the race for all the cheering! :) He even got a ribbon he's so proud of!

Life Changers

Here are a few things that have happened lately in our little family that has become life changers for us...
 Alicia's health has been great with the pregnancy, and we are so excited to be welcoming our baby girl the end of July...

but the Arthritis problems for the past year have gotten worse.  The doctors have finally found out what's wrong and she gets to inject herself once a week with her meds besides all the pills she takes (She takes about a half hour to get enough courage to do the injection.. so she has Bob do it when he can)
Easter Morning at 4am, our Grandma Janet Spence passed away!  We had been enjoying her living with Mom and Dad in Pleasant Grove since August and having the Grand kids spend so much time getting to know their Great Grandma!  The first day we went to their house after grandma had passed William ran to her couch where she normally sat to give his hug and she wasn't there and he was upset asking where she was?! We are going to miss her, but are glad she's reunited with her husband and loved ones!

Our last big life changer for us is we have sold our house and are moving to Saratoga Springs the end of this month.  With expecting Baby #4 we feel we need a little more room and with Alicia's health maybe it would be better to move closer to family in Utah county.  We are going to miss our little home and especially our ward, friends and the people here!  Change is good and we're excited for the new adventures ahead of us!