Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day!

Instead of making a leprechaun trap, the kids made a leprechaun HOUSE!!  Apparently they want him to stay!  This morning they found he had left them coins in the house and some yummy cereal.  Good thing because with 9am church there wasn't much time for Mommy to make green eggs and ham.. or green pancakes, so this was perfect! ;)
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's Day was a pretty fun one!  Visited Aunt Kate at work, kids handed out Valentine's in class...
Damon & Kylie's Valentine's
Klink's Valentine

Aunt Kate's work-She gave them Valentine's
Kylie's heart hair!
 But the big event on Valentine's day was Kylie got her ears pierced!!!!

So excited!

Little Nervous....

After tears... big Smile! :)

Not only did Kylie get her ears pierced, but she wanted her sister too.... so Sonja got her's done too!!! (This was one hard decision!)

Loving the attention.. doesn't know what's ahead!

Cute girls and their ears pierced!

Kylie Turned 7!

Our Kylie turned 7 last month, and she had a fun time celebrating.  Bob put together a QR Code hunt for her to find different treasures for her birthday since he was on a work trip.  She had a Hello Kitty party with friends that her and her brother's helped decorate.  She also wanted an ice cream cake, so we were able to make that for her too.  She's growing up so fast and such a beautiful and talented young lady!

Decorated the cat too!

Matching game