Thursday, May 16, 2013


This is the first year we've put Damon and Kylie in Soccer and they are having a great time!   (I just realized I haven't taken a picture of Kylie yet, so I'll post that soon!)
Damon is enjoying playing all parts of the field, where Kylie kind of likes to play goalie! It's so great to see them work well with their teammates and enjoy the sport!

Crawling Sonja

Sonja is the happiest little girl!  She is such a joy in our family.  She recently learned how to crawl and now her poor knees are always red.  Sure do love this girl!

Trafalga Fun

Since we got the pass of all passes, we went to Trafalga with the cousins and had some fun.  William even tried the rock climbing and of course they all love Lazer tag!

Happy Easter

This Easter was a fun time as we spent time with our families between Egg hunts and basket exchanges.  We got the boys matching ties and the girls new dresses.  It's so nice to have spring here and just enjoy our happy cute kids!