Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nightside Project

The other night we decided to see the KSL's Nightside Project at Culver's (My FAVORITE restaurant! ) and we ran into Bob's sister and Dad! :)


With all the Snow we've had this winter, we actually have been sledding quite a bit!  We even had to buy more sleds and winter gear!  We went sledding with the Spence side and Bob made a couple fun Videos:


Christmas was wonderful this year!  It is every year, but still wonderful!  Damon woke up first and was practically jumping up and down next to our bed at a good 5am!  (That was a lot later than I expected to be woke up!) The kids were very excited for all their gifts.  It was just a great, relaxing, joyful time together.
Here's a little gimps of our day!

Yes, Will LOVES Darth!

Our little Minions (Made by Grandma Deana)