Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Precious Moment

During General Conference we get together with family and we were visiting the Jackman's when it was nap time for Sonja.  Art insisted on holding her and she, as do all my kids, feel very loved with Grandpa!

Dumb Tire!

This could be a frustrating moment, being that the tires weren't even at 50% of their warranted wear, and Bob just went in to replace them and they were being ordered and would come in in two more days (only to find out they never got ordered) or that we were sold obviously a bad tire... but instead we're going to look at this in a better light and be grateful Bob wasn't on the freeway when this tire decided to pop!  A nice guy even stopped by to help out!  Discount tire got an earful when Bob went in!  (He really wanted to throw the tire through the window like they advertise!)

Birthday Boys!

September is the boys birthday month and poor William could NOT wait to turn 3!  He had to watch Kylie have a birthday, Dad, Mom, Sonja born, Damon had his birthday... FINALLY William had his! :)
Damon had a SuperHero party where they took pictures of themselves flying!  He got from Mom and dad a big boy bike with gears and a helmet, and William got a toy car and bike as well.
William had a Minion party, he's my little Minion! :)