Monday, October 10, 2011

Damon's Baptism

Damon was baptized this past weekend.  It's hard to believe we have an 8 year old making some big decisions in his life.  He has been looking forward to this day for a long time.  He said that he's watched his older cousins get baptized and now it's HIS turn!  We are so blessed to have such supportive, thoughtful and loving family.   Thanks everyone it was a wonderful day for Damon! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

General Conference

Bob has decided to make it a tradition that when the kids turn 8 they get to go with him to a session of General Conference.  I thought this might bore Damon, but he said he really enjoyed it and he paid closer attention to conference at home after.  He was very excited to see the Prophet and really enjoyed that the primary choir was singing.  Pretty cool!
His friend Keith and his Dad met them there!  

The Big TWO!!!

Our Baby is now TWO years old!!!  He had such a fun time celebrating and sang 'Happy Birthday' along with us!  William is one cute boy.  He talks so much, and is now saying prayers!  Here are some fun photos of his "cake" and one of his favorite birthday presents!
Also he is one big helper for Mom when it's time to go shopping.  (It might be because Macey's gives you a cookie if you stop by the bakery!)
AND... he thinks he's a big boy and is now sleeping in the toddler bed!  He has actually had no problem sleeping in it and not getting out!  Bye-bye crib! :(
We also had to celebrate at our favorite restaurant for both boys birthdays... Tucanos!
Happy Birthday Baby!

Disneyland Trip

We had such a fun time on our first family trip to Disneyland!  We planned the trip with my parents and Autumn's family last year and finally got to go.  We got the 5 day passes and enjoyed every minute there.  Damon was most excited for the Jedi training where he got to fight Darth Vader (the real one, not just Daddy at his birthday party!).  He also really liked seeing Pluto, going on Space Mountain, Matterhorn and the Tower of Terror, which is still giving him nightmares!

Kylie was ecstatic to see the Princesses!!!  She would look at them in awe with her mouth wide open!  Thunder Mountain was her favorite ride, which kind of surprised us and she also liked Matterhorn.  
William's favorite ride was the "get bad guys" ride (Buzz Lightyear).  He also liked the "up and down" ride (Rockets) and the "horsey" ride (Carousel). 
The whole time we kept hearing from the kids, "Is that the REAL....,"  "Is this REAL."
Here's some of our fun photos

We stopped at Huntington Beach for an afternoon and had so much fun.  The kids and Bob did the boogie board and just enjoyed playing in the sand!

On our way home we stopped to visit Uncle Bob (Who Bob was named after) & Aunt Sharron, and Aunt Reta & Uncle Dave.  They all took such good care of us with wonderful meals and comfy place to sleep!  We have such a wonderful family! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flying with Kate

Damon and Kylie got to take their first plane flight to California with their Aunt Kate who works for JetBlue. (Damon flew as a baby but doesn't remember it) Damon had the great idea since we were going to Disneyland and it worked with Kate's schedule.  Kate was able to get the kids in the cockpit next to the pilot before taking off.  Damon's favorite part was taking off and landing and Kylie's said her favorite part of flying was being up in the clouds!  They were so excited to fly and spend time with their favorite Aunt Kate!  You're awesome Kate!

R.I.P. Saturn

Our poor Saturn died on Sept. 15th almost 10 years in our family with only having 260,000 miles! :)  Now that Bob is traveling more with work this would happen now!  We'll see how long we can survive on one car, donate the Saturn and if anyone is getting rid of their good gas mileage car... let us know! 

Update (Nov. 12, 2011)... Our amazing Brother-in-law Joe (Standing inside our Saturn!) was able to install a used Engine that we found in a wrecking yard, and our car is up and running!!! Just had Safety & Emissions done and it's good!! What a blessing! (way cheaper than buying a new car). Thanks to the wonderful friends who helped us tow our car and transport the old and new engine!!  THANK YOU!!!

A few days after the Saturn was up and running the Honda decided to not start... kind of weird, but thought maybe the battery was getting old since we've never replaced it.... nope... REALLY bad corrosion on the battery cables, that amazing Joe fixed it!!!  What we would we do with out him?!?!