Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Birthday Boys

Having the boys birthdays pretty close has been fun!  Damon had a Minecraft themed party, and Will had a balloon themed party.  It was a lot of fun and I can't believe my oldest is 10!!

William had his door with balloons hanging down from his bedroom door and he loves running through his "tunnel" :)

Back to School

And the fun is over... time to go back to school!  The kids are very excited and doing well in their classes.
Damon is in 4th Grade and Kylie 2nd.  Will is going to have preschool with his mommy... we'll see how that works out! :)


A few more random fun we've had...
Silly boys

Klinks likes to make dad mad (napping on his jacket)

Mom had fun stuff too.... Iron Chef activity -We won!! :)
Made Freezer meals

Bob's had a couple work trips to Alaska

And sent postcards

Jared & Aunt Kate have their own "show" on Youtube called SpeakingOf 

Will wearing cousin Austin's jacket and Bob wearing Uncle Denton's jacket!

Ty's Baptism

We had a fun trip up to Idaho to visit our cousins and see cousin Ty get baptized!  We caravaned with Aunt Kate and had a great time catching up with the Porters.  Way to go Ty!!

Cub Scout Camp

Bob and I were called to be in the Cub Scouts this spring and what a new experience this has been for me.  It has been a wonderful experience for Damon to have his Dad in scouts with him and they had a fun Scout camp with all the fun things boys like... sticks, guns, archery... guns... :)

Sonja makes me Smile!

Sonja is such a fun little girl, and so neat to watch her grow.  She turned 1 this July, and has been doing some big things this summer.  She learned to crawl, then walk, she's even starting to say "No, No!" "mama" "dada"  she is just a joy in our home.  She cracks us up when she says, "cheese" for the camera!

Before she could walk on her own Damon would carry her.

Sonja has a special love for her Damon

So proud she got them all off!

First day in Nursery and she knew how to clean up

Nursery snack time came so natural to her! :)

A witch and her flying monkey.... "Cheese"

Summer Camping with Bradshaws

It seemed like this summer was just filled with fun days that we had a hard time getting everything in before school started.  We finally got a fun camping trip with the Bradshaws before school started.  Enjoyed letting the kids run around, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, and just staying up late to chat with dear friends.

Summer Fun!

We had a really fun and busy summer.  We also went to California with Bill & Deana which was amazing (photos are on our phones... I'll grab them later)  Here's what we did close to home!  Besides all the Seven Peaks days (I never had my camera at the water park).
Sonja in her first pageant

Tired after the movie

Just Dance with Friends

Hauled Gravel to put around the trampoline

Cousin time!!

Park Time

Kids learned how to clean bathrooms

Nap time with my babies

Damon in Summer Band (He's pretty good! )

More Cousin time

Hand holding cousins

A house coming in behind ours!!

Catching up!!!

Wow our last post was back in May!!!  A few things have happened since then! :)  We'll start with Celebrating Bob's birthday which was in May!
(we won't mention how old! :)
Loved this from Will on Father's Day!