Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Here is us doing the Ice Bucket Challenge! (Sonja happened to be napping so she missed it!)

It was really fun!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School!

Here we go again!  Damon's in 5th grade now and Kylie 3rd grade.  William will get to start preschool this year and has been so anxious to finally do what his older brother & sister do, only it'll be twice a week, but that's okay to him! (That will be posted later since he doesn't start for a couple more weeks)

There they go!


Reflecting on Summer

This summer was busy with lots of trips which were amazing and those quieter moments I also really enjoyed.  Like watching my kids go outside and play well together, especially to watch Sonja jump on the trampolines with her siblings.  They are such good friends right now and I love it.  We had season passes to Seven Peaks and went a bunch of times (but I never take my camera in so I never have pictures of it!).  Kylie took an art class from her cousin Elise and there was an art gallery at the end of the summer.  She really enjoyed that.  Damon is starting up Lacrosse and is very excited to play that with the neighborhood boys.  It was just a great summer!  It's sad to see it end, but we'll just have to play hard again next summer! :)

Trampoline fun!

At the Pizza Pie Cafe with the cousins after Seven Peaks

Bug Eyes!

At the store she said, "Mom they fit!"

Watch out!  Here comes Damon!

Dessert Art

Self Portrait art

Dripping Chairs



Kylie with her Art Teacher Miss Elise

Basketball game together

Our neighborhood friends Jack and Jefrey... this is a good blackmail photo! ;)

Beautiful Kylie

Bear Lake Trip

Our August Vacation was to Bear Lake with the Bradshaws.  We had a great time at the camping, especially at the Lake, and just having fun with our friends.  My health wasn't so good, but we made the best of it!

Already tired...

Our little performers.  Tried to set them up smallest to tallest, but Sonja wasn't for it!

My wrists swelled up, it was pretty painful.

Sonja made a friend :)

Had to get Raspberry shakes during Raspberry Days there!
Loved the campfire, and the treats that come with it!
Heading home!

Froggie's Back!

Kylie accidentally left Froggie behind at the beach house!!  Terry & Loraine were so nice to return him.  They sent updates along the way what Froggie was up to!  So fun, she almost didn't want him to come home, but he came with extra froggie friends!