Saturday, January 30, 2010

William's First Solid Food

William has been trying to eat our food, so now that he is four months we thought we would try to see if he would really eat the food. He LOVED it! He couldn't get enough of the food and if we didn't give him another bite soon enough he would freak out! So here are a couple of videos showing his first bite!

The Recital

We had a recital the other night for Bob's trumpet and trombone students. Damon and Kylie both performed as well the songs they have been working on. We are posting them since so many people wanted to see but were unable to attend.

Some fun videos.

So Bob is able to take videos on his iPhone. He can upload those right to You Tube from his phone. But we wanted to post them on here so everyone can enjoy them.

Here is Damon riding a jump at his friends house. He really wants a jump for his bike now!

Here is Damon showing off his mad push up skills while listening to the ipod.

Here is a song that Kylie learned at Pre-School. She is really enjoying pre-school.

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Assistant

We went downstairs to find someone thought he would help me with my work projects.

Perhaps he needed more time to develop some more effective content.

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Future Trumpet Player

William's first toy is a little toy trumpet he got for Christmas from his Aunt Brynn. He is finally figuring out how to play with toys and he loves this one!!!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Growing Baby!

Since the Surgery our little Will is doing great! He is the happiest baby! (Although right now he's crying since I'm not giving him the attention). He's finally getting tummy time since I was too worried about him hurting his little tummy and has rolled over a few times. He's also very talkative and one smiley baby!

Congrats Kate & Joe!

It became official Christmas Evening! Joe put a ring on Kate's finger!!! We're so excited for you two.

Happy New Year

We had our fun Annual SUU party at our house again and had a blast. A little Rock band, Board games and Movie to end the night. Happy New year everyone!

Merry Christmas

Christmas was of course wonderful! The kids got way too much stuff! :)
We also enjoyed the annual Nativity with the Spence family.