Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cedar City Trip

Our friends Jake & Steph decided we needed a trip to Cedar City to see Les Miserable at the Shakespearean Festival.  Cedar City was where we met and became friends, so it was fun to reminisce about good times there!  Jake's Cancer treatments... Ice cream runs... brownies & Movies (which we still do together)... the halls at SUU... Bob in the Greenshow... good times!
The production of Les Mis was wonderful and we got to see our good friend Hayley as well who was playing 1st Horn in the production.

Sonja came along too

Yum Lupita's!

Start of our hike

So happy!

Fun Hike



Bob loves his ice cream!

I think I want this!


After this summer's fires, our city experienced a huge mudslide.  Home basements were completely filled (to the TOP) with Mud!  Our church was shortened so that the men and boys could go help shovel out basements.  The next day was Labor Day, and again our ward went and helped dig out more basements.  It was wonderful to see the city help each other out.

Blessing Day

Sonja's blessing day was wonderful!  We have so many people between our two families, we filled up half the chapel!  The circle had about 12 men around Sonja.  Bob gave her a beautiful blessing.  I remember him blessing her to be wise and educated among other things.  When we met back at our home for dinner William was our photographer!

Grandma Deana made my blessing dress
With Cousin Sydney

Uncle Joe

Grandpa Art

Funny Mom

Stephanie & Silly Jake

On the Potty Train!

William decided he wanted to be "on the Potty train" (choo choo!!) right after Sonja was born.  He had mentioned it before she was born too, but I've heard that that can back fire after babies come so I didn't want to push it.  After Sonja was born he decided he was ready and that was that!  Of course he decided right after buying a HUGE box of diapers and package of pull-ups!  He had two accidents, which he cried, but that was it! I was totally expecting him to have accidents and was planning on putting him back in diapers, which was fine with me.  I wasn't ready to stress about potty training like I had with the other two, and I didn't have to!  Wow!!  I have no advice on how this happened... I'm just a little in shock about this...

Back to School

Damon and Kylie are so excited to start school!  Kylie's in 1st Grade & Damon's in 3rd.  They are excited to have new teachers and especially to make new friends.  They have great teachers and we're excited for them especially to be on traditional school instead of year round. Damon has even joined the Elementary band so we're excited to see how that goes!

Our Home!

I thought it would be fun to take pictures of our home now, so when we look back we can laugh at all the changes we've made (or not made!).
Living Room

Living Room-Dining room

Dining Room
Master Bed
Master Bath

Mud Room
Girls Room


Boys Room


Unfinished Bath/laundry

Unfinished Storage

Furnace Room

Unfinished Bedroom
Family Room

Home made Pasta!

 Bob's mom gave Bob a Pasta Maker for his birthday that he's wanted for awhile (I couldn't justify buying an expensive pasta maker when pasta is so cheap in the store!)  So we made some the other day.  Kylie was Bob's helper and they made some yummy Fettuccine  pasta.  I didn't know pasta could taste that good, I thought it all depended on your sauce.  A little while later Bob made Spinach Fettuccine and it too was really good!


Kylie wanting to go too!
Bob got to take another work trip to Alaska for a week!  He was so excited to go this time in the summer instead of winter like usual, but he did miss us after a few days! He said he didn't get to see much since he was in meetings all the time, but he took pictures of his meals! :)

Bob's plane
In Alaska!
On the plane
Fancy Dessert

Alaska bears!