Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big Helper!

This was one of those moments you try not to freak out and take a picture so you can laugh about it later!
Little brother Will was helping with "kitty water!"  Yes, he scooped the kitty litter into his food and water!  

Holiday Season

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had, and so much to be grateful for!  We went to the Spence's for the big feast along with Grandma Spence, Logan, Camille and baby Sadie.  Friday we did it all again with Bob's family then saw The Muppet Movie.  My kids keep spontaneously singing "Ma na ma na!"
Here they are just before the ward Turkey bowl!

We said good-bye to our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and Hello to our fancy new tree!!  Yay!  It's even pre-lit, and easy to set up!  We can NOW think about Christmas! :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Peeping Tom Cat!

Our Cat cracks us up all the time.  Every morning we eat breakfast to him doing this!

(Love how the flash made his eyes glow!)

Thursday, November 3, 2011


We had such a fun Halloween this year!  Our kids were excited to dress up and go to so many activities not just the usual trick-or-treating at neighbors.

We went to Gardner Village for the Witches with the Spence girls & cousins, went to Salsa Ledos with Kate & Joe where Frankenstein kept giving the kids candy (and scared William pretty bad).  Bob had his Halloween Concert with the Herriman Orchestra (very fun!  Angry Bird were there and many other fun characters!)

We had our ward Trunk-or-Treat which was fun where Bob did a Halloween Smartboard activity and the kids came home with way too much candy; then Damon & Kylie had their school classroom parties where they came home with even MORE candy!! So the night of Trick-or-Treating they went down our street and back and were ready to watch Nightmare Before Christmas!  I was totally fine with that.  Their friend Darci went with them (you may have heard about Darci... William LOVES Damon's friend Darci!)

Our Cousins and Friends the Turners planned a Masquerade Ball this year too for fun!  Our friends Jake & Steph came with us and had a wonderful time.  We had Dinner, posed with the skeleton, learned how to waltz and danced till the night came to an end! Very Fun, hope we can do it again next year!