Sunday, November 21, 2010


The kids LOVE playing in the snow and couldn't wait to get home from church to play in it. William wanted to play too, but we don't have his snowsuit yet. The kids rushed in to tell us they made a GIRL snowman.... oh really? What does that mean? It has hair! :)

Home improvements

I have been wanting to do some improvements to our home and one thing I thought I'd start with is the front door! I decided this would be a mommy/daughter activity and took Kylie to Lowes to help me pick out the right color. Kylie decided the color 'Milk Chocolate' would be best, which I agreed and we went to work!
Here's our before & after shots.
Bob teased that the kids would want to eat our door if it was colored chocolate, and apparently while Kylie and I were painting the door she tasted it to see if it DID taste like Chocolate. "It doesn't" she told her brother! :)

Southern Utah Fun

We tagged along with Bob on another trip to Southern Utah. This time we got to stay in the Presidential Suite which is bigger than our house! The kids really liked having their own room and hot tub off the balcony! We have been very spoiled this last week and were glad we got to share it with our dear friends the Winslows.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

We tease that we have a house of monkeys, but for Halloween we let our Monkeys out! :)
Damon was a gorilla, Kylie a Frog and William a Monkey. When the kids knocked on the doors and yelled "Trick-or-Treat" William would yell his version out!
The weather was nice and sprinkled just a little. This year Mommy got to take the two older ones out while Daddy stayed home and let William have at his candy!!

St. George Trip

Thanks to Daddys job we have traveled a little with him on his work trips. Since Damon was off track of school for almost 4 weeks we decided to head South with him to Blanding and then St. George.
The kids enjoyed hiking to Wilson's Arch, playing at parks and swimming during the warm days (while it snowed at home!).

Friday, November 5, 2010

ABC Date

So, we were looking for fun date ideas and I came across this ABC Date. You and your date go around a photograph yourselves with things staring with A and B etc. So here it is. It was really fun.