Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We sure enjoy our little Sonja that William calls, "A..Sonja!"  She has been a sweet baby that eats well, sleeps well and is just one content baby (knock on wood...)  
Two Days before she came
July 9th heading into the hospital
With Mommy
With Daddy
With Our amazing Doctor that has delivered all our babies!

Damon put is ZuZu pet there to hold the binki in! (She's on the top bunk of the bunk beds!)

4th of July

We have some beautiful photos from the 4th of July at the Balloon Festival.  We enjoy this yearly tradition.

"Hi Smokey"


Our move has been a great experience for us.  Here's what things have been like lately at our home for the past few months...

Our home we will miss, especially our friends
Saying good bye to our empty house
Saying good bye to one of our dear friends
Our 1st grade teacher that he's not embarrassed to hug
Our new home
1st repair was the driveway
Repaired drain along with all the shower heads & spouts
Repaired furnace
We live by the cool Neptune park
Klinks is now put to work.. we have Vols
Fixed water drain
Green up the dead lawn
Bob's wiring
Superhero kids
Cleaned out the garage
Damon thinks the Vols are cute!
Repainted most of the house
Installed cupboards in laundry room
Get surrounded by fires
oh.. and Toads
Dig out window wells
Install all curtains and rods
Saratoga Splash-Kylie is holding the hose
Getting wet
Bob got his own room in the whole house....I mean his office