Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kylie's violin!

Kylie has been wanting to learn how to play the Violin for YEARS!!  We just keep putting it off thinking she wasn't serious about it, or not sure we were ready to invest the time and money for that, but she has been very insistent!  So when our neighbor was getting rid of their violin we had to get it.  She has had her first lesson today, and did really well!  This will be fun to watch her develop this talent!

1st Haircut!

Our little Sonja has lots of beautiful hair and we've even put it in pig-tails!! Just the other day I was cutting everyone's hair and decided to trim Sonja's bangs since they were getting in her eyes.
Sonja is growing up so fast and almost rolling over!  She is one unbelievably happy baby!  
Now please stop growing up!
First Haircut


A little mascara so we can see how long the lashes are!


What a weird Halloween this year!  The weather was so warm the boys just wore their dress up Spider-man costumes instead of their warm costumes and Kylie got sick the morning of Halloween.  Poor Kylie missed school and Trick-or-Treating but Damon took her candy bucket out and got her plenty of candy! :)  Such a great big brother!  It took William a couple houses to remember how to Trick-or-Treat, he actually turned down candy at our neighbors!

Neighbors Halloween party a couple days before Halloween

The Neighbors where Will turned down candy!