Monday, June 8, 2009

Yearbook Signing!

We went to visit daddy as be played softball at work since it was teachers vs. students.  While there the students kept asking the kids for their signatures in their yearbooks.  Damon got some good practice writing his name! We obviously spend way too much time at daddy's work since the kids all know us so well! :) 

Feed the Ducks!

We had a fun day at the ponds at Aunt Kate's place feeding the ducks.  They were swarming us while we ate our lunch and tried to eat our sandwiches right out of our hands!  We came especially to see the MANY baby ducklings that were there.  We have to go back and watch them as they grow!

Preschool Graduate!

Our little Preschooler has graduated!  Damon was the best dressed Preschool (sorry Damon, what was Mom thinking!), and was so cute performing their little songs and things that they had learned throughout the year. 
Way to go Damon!  Kindergarten only months away!