Monday, February 20, 2012

Star Wars Marathon

For Presidents Day, with kids home, Damon came up with an idea to have a Star Wars Marathon... only problem... probably couldn't watch them ALL in one day.  We planned to watch 1, 2 & 4 today (3 is PG-13 and decided to play it safe and just not show it), we'll plan the last two another break.
The kids are so cute dressing up, helping me clean up the house, and get out all the light-sabers/weapons for intermission fights!

Kylie's 6th Birthday

Our little Kylie is now 6 years old!  She had a Dora Birthday party with lots of friends.  She was so excited for her party, she doesn't believe it's her birthday until she has her friend party!  Thanks everyone for the wonderful gifts!  She loves them!
Kate & Joe got her "Skates" that she really wanted! What a fun Birthday!  Thanks everyone!

Kate's reaction to brother Scott getting Skates that SHE wanted one year!!
Kate & Joe made sure this didn't happen to Kylie!

Frog eater!

Playing with her baking playdough set from Logan & Camille

Bob's Adventures

Bob decided to grow out his beard during the winter break, but then he decided to go back to his clean cut since Elder Dallin H Oaks was coming to our Stake Conference!  (I REALLY wanted to post his handle-bar mustache he had before it all came off, but Bob would die if I posted it! :)) 
Bob has had some fun work projects lately and even went to UMEA (Utah Music Educators Association) in St. George to present on using technology in the classroom.
  We left the kids at home with Grandma Judy and Bob and I celebrated our 10 year Anniversary there in St. George!  It was a blast, we had so much fun we didn't think to take many pictures!

Training at UMEA

Planking Will

Caught Will doing this after lunch... I think he was trying to be Superman, but he was holding still for so long!  
 He cracks me up the crazy stuff he does and says!