Monday, August 25, 2014

Oregon Trip- Portland, Oregon

Next stop was Portland to visit my cousins, but on the way we stopped at the Multnomah Falls.  Wouldn't you know, our friends the Stephens happened to be there on a work/vacation get away! What fun to run into them.  The Boys went all the way to the top of the falls.  William didn't even complain and did a great job climbing.
Back on the road...

Saw Melissa at the falls!

In front of the falls
Joe & Melissa

At the top!

Boys made it to the top!

Oh.. yeah, he totally drank it!

Waving to the boys

Waiting for the boys to get back!
We then made it to Portland where we visited cousins.  

Back on the road...
On their tree swing

Cousin Charlene's job we ordered Pizza for dinner

Kids played on the games there

Noah, Nicole, Charlene, and Me

The twins that used to live with us... so grown up!
Keep Portland Weird 

VooDoo Donuts

"I got the dead guy!"

Six in one donut!

Bubble gum donut

Donut with a name we shouldn't repeat! ;)

Playing in the splash pad

The cousins that ride in the van we used to take to Oregon on our trips each year when I was a kid!
 It's still running!

My funny Uncle Jason and his wife Bunny

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