Monday, August 25, 2014

Oregon Trip- Waldport, Oregon

Our next stop was Waldport Beach where we met my biological father, Terry, brother Nick and his wife Thalia, sister Emily and her boyfriend Josh and their two cute girls, and Justin and his wife Amanda and their 3 kids.  This was a 25th Wedding anniversary for Terry and his wife Loraine and they invited us all to visit in two beach houses for a few days.  It was a great experience to be at the coast with the kids and to see their excitement.  I also had a good visit getting to know my siblings better and time to talk to Terry.  Everyone was so nice and Loraine really went out of her way to make this a fun experience for everyone.

Apparently I'm a dead end!

Emily Painting Sonja's nails

Blowing bubbles

Major shoveling work to get the water to the sandcastles!

Damon's castle

Working together

My siblings and I and Terry

Nick, Me & Emily

This is my biological father Terry

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