Monday, August 25, 2014

Oregon Trip- Pendleton, Oregon

Our July Vacation was to Oregon where we had a great time, and a LOT of driving!!  We started off our trip by going up through Idaho to Oregon, accidentally leaving Will's Mr. Tiger at a Dairy Queen on our way, having our car have transmission issues, but still made it to Uncle Les' and Aunt Joannes for dinner.  We stayed in a hotel, were we decided not to rush the next morning from all the stress of getting there.  We played in the pool before heading out.

Someone wanted to come with us!
On our way!

Ready to go!  We have some cool kids!

Here we are letting the car cool down, while 2 kids need to pee and our roadside service won't pick up!

Waiting on the results of the car!

Dinner with Uncle Les & Aunt Joanne

Uncle Les, Joanne, me and Les's sister Sandee. She was also visiting!

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