Monday, August 25, 2014

Oregon Trip- Ashland, Oregon

On our way out of Oregon we stopped to visit some of Bob's side of the family.  His cousins Austin & his wife Chanell, and Travis. Chanell is pregnant, and she's beautiful, but I didn't get a picture of her. We had pizza for dinner with them and they were so nice to let us spend the night too.  We got to hang out in their hot tub and the kids LOVED playing with their puppy Milo and kitty Pepper.  The next day we had dinner with Travis & Austin's parents Aunt Reta & Uncle Dave.  So nice to have wonderful family on both sides!
We are truly blessed!

Lunch at a Dairy Queen

This is how they travel quietly!

Stopped to see sea lions in the distance

The fog was amazing out there!

Silly kids!

Finally made it to Austin's house!

Austin's restaurant! (no one under 21... we had kids with us!)

Had Pizza with Cousins Austin & Travis
While having dinner Damon asked to play pool with some guys.
They let him and said he was actually really good! :)

Pepper found a warm place to cuddle!

She still ended up in our bed

Someone made himself comfortable!

 Made it to Nevada to have dinner with these wonderful people!
Dinner with Aunt Reta & Uncle Dave

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