Saturday, August 9, 2014

Oh Sonja!

It is so fun to watch little kids grow and change, and it seems like they change so much the first few years in the way they look, talk and move.  This Sonja has captured all of our hearts and we are crazy about her!
Went to Krispy Kreme for her first time and she said "Oh... cookies!"

That's how bad it gets some days!

Loves to say "cheese!"

This rarely happens

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Clogging shoes just like big sister!

Love her curles

Her toy Elephant she named "Ya Ya"

This is pretty common, he likes to sleep with her!

She has a special thing with her "Papa" and facetime chats with him all the time!

Dr. Sonja... or is that Harry Potter Sonja? :)

Her and cousin Daniel get each other and are good friends

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